Postgraduate Anthology Invitation

6th December 2017

Hello Brunel Alumni!

I have an opportunity to share with those of you who have completed an MA or PhD in Creative Writing at Brunel in the last 6 years, and are looking to get a novel published.

A group of postgraduate MA Novel students, under the guidance of Professor Bernardine Evaristo, are putting together an anthology comprised of work collected from MA and PhD students. The anthology will focus on collecting the opening chapters/sections of your manuscripts in a bid to get them noticed by industry professionals, agents and publishers. Because of the nature of the project, we are only considering manuscripts that are closest to completion. We are open to submissions from anyone who has completed an MA or PhD in Creative Writing at Brunel, graduating in Winter 2012, not before.

Because we are looking for writers who have full manuscripts, or near enough, we request that you send us your extract and your entire manuscript as well as a 300 word synopsis in your cover letter.

We hope this will become an annual or biennial project. We will publish across two mediums: as hardcopy and as an e-book. The hardcopy and e-book will aim to publish 2500-4000 words (or thereabouts) of the opening pages of your novel. Depending on the number of entries, we might extend the word count but in the first instance we only want to see 2500-4000 words.

Production on both the hardcopy and the e-book will take place in-house at Brunel with a team of editors. We’ll launch it on March 21st 2018 at Brunel, alongside our Creative Writing undergraduate anthologies.

For those who would like to be considered for submission, please submit the following:

  • A contact email address and mobile phone number
  • the first 2500-4000 words of your novels/novellas and the entire manuscript so far. Both files must be sent in a single email with a cover letter written in the body of the email, not sent separately.
  • The cover letter (single-spaced) should contain: a 300 word novel synopsis as well as basic pitching information such as the genre of your work, its (eventual) length, key themes and similarities to existing work out there. We need a brief biography about yourself, which needs to include information about your publishing history if at all.
  • We will only look at work professionally-presented: Font 12, Times New Roman, double-spaced, paginated, your name on every page, typo-free.
  • We also need the contact details of at least three agents or agencies you believe would be interested in your work.
  • The contact details of at least three publishers or publishing houses you believe would be interested in your work.
  • My contact is:
  • Deadline: January 15th 2018.


Final decisions for inclusion into the anthology rest with Professor Bernardine Evaristo, and those who are accepted into the anthology must be willing to be edited prior to publication.

All submissions will be met with a response.

We look forwards to hearing from you!


Best wishes,

Hadiyah Khan