The Best of a Bad Bunch

Hello fellow inter-webbers, I hope you have all had a swell week.

It is currently 2:30 am in the morning and I am trying to compile a list of movies to discuss on my next radio show (Shark Week – Tuesday Night’s @ 9pm). This week myself and my fabulous team of film fanatics are going to critique – in lengthy detail – a selection of the ‘best worst movie’s’ to date.


It’s getting late and I’m getting stressed so I write this post as a plea for your help. I have already shortlisted a few of my favourites but I am eager to find out some of yours as well! If you have any suggestions of some terrible yet terrific cine-flicks then please tweet @brunelwriter/@cocosizer123 or email with your recommendations.

On a side note: please also ‘reel’ off any short films (preferably available on the internet) which you deem enjoyable to aid with the EN2019 Screen Writing module. These should be tweeted to @brunelwriter and marked with #brunelshorts.

Hasta la vista (baby)


Hello Fellow Brunelians

It’s high time I introduce myself: my name is Chloe, a third year Creative Writing student and the new curator of Brunel Writer. After her fantastic job over the summer, Laura’s shoes will be hard to fill but I will do my best.

This is just a quick post to let you all know some of the fantastic opportunities which my friends and I have planned for the upcoming year.

English Society

I am the new secretary for English Society along with Hugh Cunningham as Chair, Edward Leggatt as Website Designer, Rowan Frewin as Publicity Officer and Jade Pepper as Treasurer.

Although a relatively new society we have big plans for this year to really get the most out of what London and Brunel have to offer! We hope to run regular film and theatre trips for all you culture seekers as well as fun and relaxed socials to give you the chance to get to know fellow arts students.

As an aspiring writer, I know how important work-shopping is in terms of development which is why I am planning to run a writing workshop at least once a month. This is a great way to throw ideas around as well as improve and advance ones you already have. Alongside this we are also hosting academic writing workshops which will assist all you students with your essay structure and writing style.

All this for a £5 year long membership – you really can’t miss out on this!

Brunel Media

The new website is Brunel’s cultural hub which links you to Radio Brunel, Video Brunel and Le Nurb Online (a new and updated version of Brunel’s ever growing student newspaper). There are so many ways to get your voice heard at Brunel so get stuck in – who knows, you could be the next big thing!

Whilst we’re on the topic, I feel like this is a brilliant time for me to plug my own show which is aptly named ‘Shark Week’ – an arts and culture talk show which ironically hasn’t anything to do with sharks. I host this on Tuesday nights from 9pm with my cine-literate pals Rowan Frewin and Aidan Milan so please tune in.

Drama Society 

Fancy yourself an actor? Or maybe the next Will Shakespeare? Then Drama Society is for you! One of the larger societies at Brunel, Drama Soc is a great opportunity for you to build confidence and make new friends! They do weekly workshops which give you the chance to develop your skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere. There is also a Drama writing group where members contribute their own short radio plays – some of which are recorded by a fabulous team of actors to then air on Radio Brunel!

Orchestra and Film Choir 

The Film Orchestra and Choir Society has come a long way since it was first set up by third year Michael Spence just over a year ago and is currently gearing up for another term of concerts. FOC Soc prizes itself on being an all abilities choir which anyone can join and enjoy! The Choir has grown three times in numbers since last year, making it one of the biggest in the university, and it can really pack a punch! So if your voice sounds like a cross between Fergie and Jesus or if it’s confined behind the walls of your bathroom – come along and show us what you have got!

If you would like to know more about any of the societies then please email me: 

Enjoy your first week at Brunel!


Guest Blogger – EMMA FILTNESS!: ‘Keeping it Local’ – Event

Hello fellow writers,

I am a Creative Writing PhD student, a part-time lecturer in English and Creative Writing, and Brunel’s Publications Officer. I came here originally to do the Creative Writing MA and loved every minute of it, so I stuck around for more.

It is shaping up to be a busy but fun start to the 2014 academic year, and I am here to tell you about some great community Creative Writing and Arts events that are happening at Brunel and in the surrounding area over the next month or so, with the hope that some of you might come along and maybe even take part! I have been working quite a bit lately with the wonderful Charlotte who is Arts Programming Officer for the local borough (Hillingdon), and she is keen to get Brunelians involved…but let’s start with me, me ME!

1. As well as teaching some of you for modules such as Introduction to Writing Fiction and Drama, I run a weekly Creative Writing class at Brunel’s Arts Centre. Classes consist of themed writing exercises, prompts and related activities suitable for all levels of experience. Classes are open to all Brunel students, staff and members of the local community. If you are an arts student at Brunel, you can come to the class for free (yes, FREE!). You may want to sign up soon, though, as places are limited (classes begin Tuesday 30 October, 6pm). These classes are ideal if you want somewhere to try out ideas and have the space to write without the pressure of looming deadlines and grades. I make a little anthology of work produced on the course each academic year, so these classes also give you the opportunity to see your work in print (I will even furnish you with a spare copy so you can give one to your mum). View the Arts Centre web pages to find out more, or email me (contact details below).


2. Charlotte is running Bigfest, a one-day festival in Uxbridge town centre on Sunday 28 September, 2014. There will be music, theatre, street performers, a food market and, most importantly, a live literature tent! Brunel writers and locals will be reading poetry or prose between 12 and 4pm. I will be reading a short story from my thesis (stories based on the life stories of little old ladies), Joe Norman who is an English PhD student, lecturer and Brunel’s Communications Officer will be reading a short story (once he manages to find one of his that is suitable to be heard by delicate, innocent ears and does not make people want to be sick) and Brunel Creative Writing MA alumna and local journalist Barbara Fischer will read to you from the memoir she is currently working on in which she recalls her time as a “hack”. Come along and listen (again, it is FREE!) or, if you are feeling brave, why not sign up to read a story or poem? If you would like to give this a go then email me soon so we can reserve you a slot (contact details below)


3. Charlotte has also set up an open mic evening at the newly-refurbished Uxbridge Library. The open mic sessions will run every other month or so, with the first one taking place on Friday 3 October at 7.30pm. You don’t need to book, just turn up, pay the teeny tiny £3.50 entry fee (it is free if you sign up to read/sing/strum), and listen to poetry, prose and other acoustic offerings from local writers and musicians. Again, if you are feeling brave and fancy reading, strumming or singing, then let me know and I will make sure there is a slot with your name on it. There will be some empty slots left for those of you that prefer just to rock up on the day and see how you feel…

Open Mic Poster

I should probably stop there before I wear out your eyeballs…if you want to know more about any of the above then please send me an email at

Please also keep an eye on the Brunel Library blog for information on the Brunel Author Series…thanks for “listening” and I hope to see some of you at one, some or all of these awesome local events!

Happy scribbling,


Q&A with Saera Jin!

Saera Jin is a Brunel MA Graduate who has gone on to great success in Japan as the main writer for Square Enix – famous for the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series.

            “The game producer was looking for a new writer, strong on originality, and according to them, that was me!”

She has recently attended the Cannes’ Film Festival to promote her second short film which she wrote and directed in London. “Seems like my Japanese-British hybrid set of ideas could take my writing career to better places.” We’ve been very excited to hear from Saera, and are very proud of her achievements. To find out more about her fantastic accomplishments, and where she will be going in the future, we’d invite you to ask your questions! This is a fantastic opportunity for Games Design and Creative Writing students, as well as those interested in film making.

I know I hope to have very similar experiences to Saera, and am very much looking forward to seeing what she has to say about breaking into such a lucrative industry, so don’t be shy! Ask your questions, either in the comments sections below, or tweet them to @brunelwriter, using the hashtag #QuestionsForSaera, and we’ll pose them to her in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to also follow Saera on Twitter – @saerajin.

Huge congratulations to Saera, long may it last!