V-Day at Brunel University

Brunel University is about to host their first ever V-day celebration and the excitement couldn’t be more real.

After years of lagging behind on the activism for women front, Brunel seems to be taking strides to catch up with other universities. Last year, Brunel’s first Women’s officer was elected into the student union and the Feminism had a complete rehaul making it much more inclusive.

V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.

As described by the organisation itself, V-day is a global event that raises awareness about issues such as incest, sex slavery and female genital mutilation.

In a similar spirit, Brunel, by the initiative of Wendy Knepper of the English department, is joining in with this fight against oppression against women all over the world. In true Brunel fashion, students will be at the heart of the event. Thomas Willet and myself have been at the heart of the organisation of this event look forward to getting more of our peers invloved in the cause.

The event takes place on the 3rd of February 2016 in the Antonin Artaud building, room AA001 from 1pm-4.30pm. A special talk by Xiaolu Guo and a screening of her award winning film ‘She, A Chinese’, is likely to be the highlight of this event but by no means will it be single faceted. Sections of the day will include writing activities alongside the theme of women’s issues as well as talks by students including myself. There will also be discussion about an ongoing project of a literary publication about modern day feminism written by Brunel students.

V-day at Brunel University is sure to be a hot pot of revolutionary thinking considering the campus’ diversity and it would be a shame to miss it. Visit the facebook event page for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/1749805578584186/.


EyeStorm Media and Co-Publishing; The New ‘In’ Thing in Publishing?

EyeStorm Media, a small, independent publishing company has recently begun to pioneer the concept of co-publishing literature. The question is; what in the world is co-publishing?

According to Michael Eames of PEN music, Co-publishing in the music industry involves an artist signing over typically 50% of their publishing rights, typically in exchange for cash. This money can come in form of an upfront advance.
Andrew Samuelson, representative of EyeStorm, described the project as follows:
“The deal with this project is that authors share the initial costs of bringing the manuscript to the bookshelves, but then reap a far higher proportion of the rewards, and have a much greater input in the promotion and marketing of the book.

The company was founded by Dan Hiscocks  who has 20 years worth of experience in the publishing industry and realised time was ripe for a change.”

According to their website EyeStorm believes that 99p marketing strategies don’t do most literary work any justice. At the same time they want to give readers an opportunity to judge whether books are worth their price tag

EyeStorm have successfully launched, Douglas Board’s MBA, a novel, and are now looking to build a front-list for publication in 2017.

EyeStorms model sure sounds innovative and would give opportunity for writers with little capital to gain the support needed for effective marketing. The company promises ‘an equal partnership based on mutual respect and reward’ so maybe this is the way to ensure authors finally receive the monetary rewards they receive.
Read more on EyeStorm’s approach at http://www.lightning-books.com

STORGY 2015 Short Story Competition

Are you an awesome short story writer? STORGY 2015 Short Story Competition may be the thing for you.

STORGY is a Literary Short Story Magazine that is constantly looking to publish both published and unpublished authors. STORGY is open for general submissions all year round but are currently holding their 2015 Short Story Competition. Managing Director Tomek Dzido recently informed us that submissions are now welcome and that the competition will be judged by award winning author Paul McVeigh.

According to Dzido, Paul McVeigh has been published in several anthologies, including New Century New Writing and Rattle Tales 2&3. He’s read his work on BBC Radio 5 and at the International Conference on the Short Story in Vienna. He also represented the UK short story for The Brittish Council in Mexico this year. Currently. he is working on a short story collection and his first novel was published in April this year and was shortlisted for The Guardian’s ‘Not The Booker’ Prize.

Paul is the Co-Founder of the London Short Story Festival and Associate Director of Word Factory, The UK’s leading short story salon. He has judged numerous short story competitions.

Submission for the competition opened on the 23rd of November 2015 and the deadline is at 11pm on the 30th December 2015. There’s a £5 entry charge.

14 finalists will be featured in the 2015 STORGY Short Story Competition Anthology with an extra prize of £500 for the winner. Two runner ups will receive £25 book vouchers and all winners are in for a signed copy of Paul McVeigh’s debut novel ‘The Good Son’

Further entry instructions and Terms and Conditions for the 2015 STORGY Short Story Competition can be found at:


You can read winning story; ‘Live Meat and Freedom’, by Rowena Macdonald, from the 2014 STORGY Short Story Competition via the following link:


The 2014 STORGY Short Story Competition Anthology is available on Amazon for £1.99, and contains all fourteen longlisted short stories, author interviews, afterwords, and exclusive artwork by STORGY illustrator Harlot Von Charlotte, in addition to STORGY’s interview with 2014 competition judge; David James Poissant.


For STORY general submission guidelines, please follow the link below:






A BEAST IN VIEW is an event involving authors like  Holly Hopkins, Anthony Howell, Courttia Newland and Tony White who is a lecturer in the Brunel Creative Writing department.

 [It’s expected to be] a timely and unmissable evening of satire in poetry and prose at The Room, a space for the arts in Tottenham, featuring leading black British novelist Courttia Newland—author of The Scholar, Society Within, The Gospel According to Cane, etc.—‘a truly gifted storyteller’ (Time Out)—and the 2011 Eric Gregory Award and 2014 Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition-winning poet Holly Hopkins, who contributed to The Emma Press’s powerful Campaign in Poetry anthology earlier this year. Joining them are London author Tony White, best known for his novel Foxy-T—‘One of the best London novels you’ll ever get to read’ (Sunday Herald)—who will be reading satirical short The Holborn Cenotaph; and Theatre of Mistakes founder, the poet and novelist Anthony Howell, whose performance Table Moves at The Tate was described by Stewart Lee in the Observer as ‘The best performance I have ever seen’. Howell’s first collection of poems, Inside the Castle was published in 1969 and his latest, Silent Highway, is published by Anvil.

‘Since its heyday in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, satire as a poetic form seems to have fallen out of fashion. But imitating the achievements of the seventeenth century now would come over as a cliché. What does seem important to retain though is a sense of one’s subject. With satire, there is a beast in view…’ Anthony Howell

For anyone interested in this event the details are as follows:

Poetry at The Room, 33 Holcombe Road, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS

Saturday 5 December 2015

Starts: 7.30

£5 entry plus donation for refreshment


Here are also some Author bios to familiarise yourself with;


Holly Hopkins (Image – campus.portryschool.com)

Holly Hopkins’ debut pamphlet, Soon Every House Will Have One, won the 2014 Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition. Holly received an Eric Gregory Award in 2011.



Courttia Newland (Image- arvon.org)

Courttia Newland is the author of seven works of fiction. His latest, The Gospel According to Cane, was published in 2013. His short stories have appeared in many anthologies and broadcast on Radio 4. He is an associate lecturer in creative writing at Birkbeck, University of London.


Tony White (Image – pieceofpaperpress.com


Tony White is the author of novels including Foxy-T (Faber and Faber) and Shackleton’s Man Goes South (Science Museum), and numerous short stories. Missorts, White’s GPS-triggered permanent soundwork for the city of Bristol launched in 2012. A former writer in residence at the Science Museum, White chairs the board of directors of London’s award-winning arts radio station, Resonance 104.4fm.

Anthony Howell (Image – twitter.com)

Anthony Howell co-organises Poetry at The Room. His performance Table Moves at The Tate was described by Stewart Lee in the Observer as ‘The best performance I have ever seen.’ (Observer 17 Oct 2010). Howell is a poet and novelist whose first collection of poems, Inside the Castle was published in 1969. His latest collection Silent Highway is published by Anvil.