Screenwriting Competition!

Entries for the 2015 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition are now being accepted from all over the world. Prize money for the winner is a staggering $10,000, while three finalists will each be awarded a cash prize of $1,500.

All entries will receive written feedback on their scripts. Scripts submitted by the first of September will receive feedback by the 1st of October.

Short films must be between 5 and 40 pages and cost $40 to submit, while feature length scripts cost $60. Students are eligible for a discounted short film submission price of $35.

Check out interviews with 2014’s Winner Jennifer Cui, and finalists Jeremy Lerman, Athenia Paris Mekarnia, and Wenonah Wilms

For submission information, click here.

Recent achievements by BlueCat Alumni include:

  • Aaron Guzikowski’s #1 Film “Prisoners,” starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Melissa Leo, was released in September 2013. He is also the creator of “The Red Road,” a Sundance Channel original series.
  • Young Il Kim’s script, “Rodham,” a 2012 Blacklist Script, recently attached director James Ponsoldt (“The Spectacular Now”). Young recently won the 2013 Alfred P. Sloan Commissioning Grant from Sundance, where he will write a biopic on Stephen Hawking.
  • Ana Lily Amipour’s debut feature, “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night,” premiered at 2014 Sundance.
  • Ashleigh Powell sold her script, “SomaCell,” to Warner Brothers, with David Goyer attached to produce.


Special thanks to Claudia Summerfield for this information.

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