Greetings from La Merde

Interested in adding to your portfolio? We are looking for people interested in writing articles for the various categories and sections of the online magazine –

Several Brunel students have already started writing for us, and we would like more! Where better to start than Brunel Writers!?

La Merde is a non-profit independent magazine aiming to publish articles that you and other students would want to read . We are also looking to fill various positions within the team over the coming months, something that you may be also interested in?

Writing for us will give you a host of opportunities to display your range of skills, creativity, and create an online reputation. It’s a great chance to add some great looking work to your portfolio and put some new skills on the CV before you finish Uni. We post far more regularly than other Uni related outlets and will be happy to link your social media/blogs to your name as you’re published.

Check out for a good taste of our style and articles. Bear in mind it is only three weeks old!

If you’re interested do not hesitate to contact us:

Or if you have articles that you would like to send to us:

Or if you’d like to be part of the team, inquire via:

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Editors at La Merde

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