The Psyche Supermarket book launch!

Brunel’s second short story anthology by Creative Writing students.

A3 Anthology Book Launch Poster x100

BOOK LAUNCH 11th March 2015, 7pm, Antonin Artaud building.

Book launch will be part of Arts @ Artaud.


Advanced Bookings:

BOOKS will be ON SALE at £5 each.

Load your shopping trolley with a supermarket full of characters: some deranged and others (almost) normal. These innovative, risk-taking writers have created a supermarket full of stories that explore the world we live in and pick apart the human psyche. Explore death, madness, nightmares and dysfunctional behaviour through stories that are not afraid to show a dark reflection of our world. Discover the inner workings of a nineteenth century ‘freak show’, hear about the horror of supermarkets when you are anorexic, learn the best ways to kill off your pesky husband and meet the man who transports semen for a living!

See you at the checkout!


Munifah Alwi, Lauren Anderson, Marie-Teresa Hanna, Fatin Haris, Jonathan Harris, Grace Hill, Thu-Ha Hong, Marsha Hutchinson, Shrai Jamwal, Oliver Jarvis, Verity Jones, Hadiyah Khan, Esther Lewis, Natasha Madahar, Mafaal Faal-Mason, Kate McKim, Aidan Milan, Lena Mistry, Kelly Pells, Mehdi Punjwani, Tyrone Rajapaksa, James Schubert, Halimat Shode, Cara Sullivan, Katijah Wellings Thomas, Ziyue Wen, Thomas Willett, Erica Wilson, Chris Winn.

One thought on “The Psyche Supermarket book launch!

  1. Sanjit Dubb

    Natasha Madahar is extremely talented. Her talent for manipulation and immaturity has clearly been protrayed in her work

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