Interviews from The Psyche Supermarket: Erica Wilson

Erica Wilson is a Creative Writing student here at Brunel University.

What’s your favourite genre and why?

I love horror, but a particular kind of psychological, suspense horror that explores human nature, as opposed to fantasy or supernatural horror, because it makes it feel much more real. Stuff like that could really happen, which makes it scarier for me.

Can you give us a brief insight into your writing process?

I usually start with a character because it’s my favourite part of writing, and plots aren’t my strong point so I have to compensate with really interesting, well developed characters or a killer concept – like I did with my story for the anthology. I went for something experimental that I’ve never done before, which was very rewarding.

What are your interests when you’re not writing?

I play a lot of video games and I enjoy learning languages (Japanese and Danish currently). I am part of the Film Choir at Brunel and an editor for Le Nurb, the student newspaper, which are both very rewarding (though time consuming) experiences.

What do you want to do after university?

I would love to teach English abroad for a few years and build up a portfolio, try to get my work out there. Ideally, I’d love to write lore or scripts for video games but I’m happy to do anything that lets me write!

You can read Erica’s short story, alongside many others, in The Psyche Supermarket released on the 11th of March.

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