Brunel Writer Editors ’15-’16

With the new academic year being in full swing, Brunel Writer overseer Max Kinnings (Senior Lecturer in creative writing) has recruited a new set of editors.

As usual, the team will be responsible for curating material and running and the twitter handle @BrunelWriter. Students wishing for their articles to be published on Brunel Writer can still send these to for consideration.

So, with no further dilly dallying, here’s the (artsy) dream team;

PS Naturally, the boys were a little camera shy 😀


Sweetie Asantewaa aka Adjoa Okornore Manu or AJ for short likes to adapt. Previously a student of social policy at University of Birmingham, she is now a final year student of Creative Writing at Brunel.

AJ’s been writing poetry since the age of twelve to help her articulate thoughts she otherwise couldn’t. Since then she has moved on to short story writing and more recently screenwriting. As part of her study at Brunel, she has co-written and produced/edited a radio play, written journalism, short story and poetry portfolios as well as short films. AJ’s creative work has been featured on amongst others.

AJ also ran for Brunel Women’s Officer and is actively involved in advocacy for women on campus.20150423_135953_HDR

From the long list of names, you’d think I’m your typical eccentric writer personality but I’m not at all – I’m actually quite awkward.

My writing is mainly inspired by my experiences with faith, women’s issues and African culture both in Africa and the diaspora. I will rant uncontrollably about Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie for hours if I’m not stopped and Purple Hibiscus is one of my favourite books.

I run two blogs. Adegya ( which is a casual portfolio of some of my creative work and RuthTP ( where I speak about women’s issues from personal experience.

My twitter is always open for a good debate on literary matters, too – @okornore.


Level 2 Games Design and Creative Writing student, Joseph Juson, has always dreamt about writing – choosing his current course was a no brainer as it would only improve his talent. His love for games design is inspired by his love for finding new ways to tell stories and evoke emotions.

 This is one of the reasons I love games: the potential for storytelling through the medium of games is unexplored and exciting, and there are new examples appearing all the time of how interactive storytelling and gameplay can be harmonised to create incredibly moving experiences.

I’m also interested in theatre, TV, short stories and poetry, and how they can all convey the same themes and stories in different ways. I’m really excited to learn and discover more about how we can use form and medium to do new things, and I hope that being on the Brunel Writer team will help me discover more about writing and different ways it’s being used. One of the great things about being at uni is seeing things people have written and what has inspired them, and so I’m always open to suggestions. My Twitter is @josephjuson. I need followers.


Sabrina Yam is a Level 2 Creative Writing student with a love for the young adult reader genre who also blogs and is confidently finding her feet in the literary world.pic

 I find myself bouncing from writing contemporary fiction, dystopian and fantasy – I haven’t quite found my style yet! I read a variety of genres within YA. My most recent favourite YA novels are ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ By Holly Bourne, ‘The Next Together’ by Lauren James and ‘The Age of Miracles’ by Karen Thompson Walker – this is all bound to change after a month or so. I also spend my time writing reviews for my blog as well as writing other feature posts and some event reviews.

Breaking away from the books, I enjoy baking, crafting and going to the theatre.

I’m hoping to pursue a job in publishing.

You can find me on Twitter @skyam.


Also a Level 2 Creative Writing student, Emma Challis who loves realism and fantasy and writes reviews for Brunel’s own newspaper, Le Nurb.Snapshot_20131001_4

I enjoy reading and writing fiction of all different genres and styles but particularly realism and fantasy. Some of my favourite books at the moment (it changes all the time!) are ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel, the ‘His Dark Materials’ series by Philip Pullman and ‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaimen.

I also like to keep tabs on new films, TV series and books that are being released.

When not stuck in a book or with a pen in my hand I also enjoy long distance running and photography.


Natasha Derczynski is a Level 2 English and Creative Writing student who enjoys working in a variety of different mediums, with a growing interest in screenwriting.


There are far too many brilliant books out there for me to ever pick a favourite, but I’m a sucker for anything that can make me laugh out loud and get weird looks from people on the tube (I’ve read Bridget Jones’ Diary at least three times. Judge me.) I’m interested in reading and writing complex female characters and am pretty passionate about music so that often finds its way into my work. I love everything from The Clash to The Rolling Stones to Laura Marling. Besides reading and writing I love anything art-related and am currently trying my hand at oil painting classes. Other interests include: my dogs, Mary Berry and wearing really ugly jumpers.


Holly Saywell is a Level 1 Creative Writing student, who hopes to get her Wattpad novels published and loves reading romance, adventure and fantasy.

I love that feeling of escapism where you get lost in a piece of text and become the character! My favourite authors are Cassandra Claire, J K Rowling, Michael Grant and James Patterson; with a love for romance, adventure or fantasy books. I’m also trying to get into Sci-Fi novels too! I have a love for those 3am writing sessions and I write my own books which I hope to publish one day. These are on a popular eBook website and can be found on my page at I’m also quite a lonely person as my boyfriend is back home and I haven’t made many life-long friends here yet.

You can also find my Twitter pages at:

@MehCookiez (personal)


@RebelAOfficial (if anyone is musically talented).


Poetically inclined Matthias Asiedu-Yeboa is a Level 3 Creative Writing and English student at Brunel. Matthias is currently enjoying the challenges of studying the Long Novel and tightening up my writing in Writing Modern Fiction.

As for what I like to write… well, it varies as much as the sort of things I like to read! I’d say I have a basis in writing sci-fi and fantasy (Lord of the Rings and Star Wars from early, mate!), with a vested interest in horror, surrealism and the absurd. I find it really hard to fill up word counts without going off on tangents in early drafts, so if I like something I’ve written and someone else does too, then I know I’m onto a winner! Anyhoo (see what I mean?), I’m looking forward to being part of the Brunel Writer Editorial team and I hope to field as many ideas as possible, with my fellow Team members of course, so if you’ve got anything you’re just bursting to talk about, just give us a shout!


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