Short Story Competitions: Only a Click Away by Linnéa Nilsson

Do you write? Do you have short stories laying around, unused and unread? Are they blocking your door? Are you currently unable to enter your bedroom? Do you have to sleep on the sofa? Do you want to get your stories read and also win fantastic prizes, like MONEY? Do you want to sleep in your bed again? Well look no further, because with a few simple clicks you can enter short story competitions all over the world.

It can be difficult to find out about ongoing writing competitions; even with fancy sites such as Google, the search for the right contest can be a long one. But fret no more! Christopher Fielden is coming to the rescue.

Fielden is a writer, just like YOU, he writes short stories, just like YOU, he’s been published and done well in competitions, just like – well maybe like you, but if not go to his website and this could be YOU.

Unlike a lot of us, Fielden has not been lazy. He’s done the hard work, ensuring that we don’t have to search any more. The wait is over; he’s brought the competitions to the people. If you’re anywhere near anything with an internet connection (which you probably are because you’re reading this) then I would urge you to head over to his website (by clicking HERE) and take part in the extensive list of short story competitions that he has provided.

But that’s not all. You’ll also find out if you have to give up a few pounds from your precious student loan or if entering a contest (and moving closer to world domination) is going to be what we all love: FREE. A maximum word count and where in the world the competition is, as well as its closing date, is provided. You no longer have to search and search for a suitable place for that thriller/sci-fi/western story about a secret agent space cow from Texas that you’ve written, because Fielden will point you in the right direction and tell you what genre every contest accepts.

So head over to Fielden’s website and win some stuff. It’s obvious that you want to, so go on. You can do all this from bed (when you can enter your bedroom again) without changing out of your Frozen pyjamas. Could it be any better?! Also, please remember us when you’re rich and famous.

Christopher Fielden’s list of short story competitions can be found HERE.

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