Interviews from The Psyche Supermarket: Thomas Willett

Thomas Willett is an English Literature with Creative Writing student here at Brunel University.

What writer(s) influenced you most and why?

After attending a recent reading event, Thomas Glave has been a big inspiration. I admire his ability to articulate controversial and painful topics of sexuality and repression in a way that strikes the reader to their core. His writing is not only hard-hitting, but also beautifully infused with imagery, which produces an original and striking voice; this is what I want to achieve.

What are you currently reading (or what was the last thing you read)?

Due to studying English Literature I read a lot of different works over the course of a term. Academically, I am currently reading Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and have just read Affinity by Sarah Waters. The last book I read in my own time was American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

Can you give us a brief insight into your writing process?

Honestly, a lot of procrastination. Until I have a strong concept I will often do other work or activities; I find that inspiration often hits when I am not concentrating on what to write. When I have overcome my writers block I will often write brief notes on the plot and create a few character biographies; these often change dramatically from my first ideas as I get down to writing.

What are your interests when you’re not writing?

Music is my main interest: I have played the flute for about nine years now and have played in a variety of orchestras and wind bands. Currently, I am a member of the Brunel Film Orchestra and Choir and part of its committee.

You can read Thomas’ short story, alongside many others, in The Psyche Supermarket released on the 11th of March.

You can also find him on Twitter at @JustAScribbler

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