Interviews from The Psyche Supermarket: Katijah Wellings Thomas

Katijah Wellings Thomas is a Game Design and Creative Writing student here at Brunel University.

What writer(s) influenced you most and why?

The writers that most influenced me were William Nicholson, Malorie Blackman and Mark Robson because their stories were contextual. The different worlds they wrote about came to life and were completely believable.

Can you give us a brief insight into your writing process?

My writing processes have changed substantially during my time at university and I’m still approaching creative writing from different angles all the time. Usually, my most inspiring ideas come to me at times I’m not looking for them. I try to develop my stories slowly and consistently over periods of time so the overall feel doesn’t alter too much.

What are your interests when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing I’m playing the piano or trampolining. I’m a part-time coach at a trampolining club and really enjoy teaching others. I find it fulfilling to keep busy with different sports; this year I’ve taken up pole dancing, swimming and yoga.

What do you want to do after university?

I want to do a post graduate course in writing the novel before I leave university and then get some good experience within game or other creative industries, hopefully publishing some good pieces of work I’m truly proud of. In the long term I hope to do a PhD and become a lecturer in one of those fields.

You can read Katijah’s short story, alongside many others, in The Psyche Supermarket released on the 11th of March.

You can also find her portfolio at

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